Summer Tea with Maureen

June and July are very busy times for me, and Cosmic Tea Astrology, so I’m combining two monthly  horoscopes into one giant cup of Summer tea. Gemini is the sign of the twins after all, so you’re getting two for the price of one! Double trouble this month! Here goes…

The summer always begins with the Sun in the super social sign, Gemini, the third sign of the zodiac, ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication. Geminis are sometimes called the tricksters of the zodiac. They are also the sign of the twins, meaning there are two distinct personalities for each one. You never know who you will get with your Gemini friends! It is an air sign and that means they like to talk, move, and generally keep things going. If you want to know what the latest gossip is, or the latest on social media, ask a Gemini. They are the selfie queens and app kings. They are plugged in and up to date on all the very latest! With all the summer barbeques and pool parties in full swing now, and Mars the planet of action in another air sign,
Aquarius–things get off to a bang with friends and a flurry of activities. All the air signs in your life (Libra, Aquarius and Geminis) will be buzzing and raring to go! This Libra is buzzing off on a travel adventure! If you want to have a great party, trip or event, include a few air signs, you won’t just get
the party started, you’ll keep it going!

Next up we have the new moon on the 13th. New moons are all about new beginnings and set the stage for our intentions over the next thirty days. This is a great day to make a list of all your wishes in the area of your life concerning Gemini activities…communication, travel, education, siblings, and cousins. Maybe make two lists – in honor of the sign. Find someone to share your day with, two will work better than one.

On the 18th we have the first of the summer retrogrades…I know what you’re thinking, “not that again, I thought we just did that”. We did, and the universe is always moving forward but every now and then we need some time to go over things that may have gotten away from us. This retrograde gives us a chance to review the area of our lives where we may have buried our heads in the sand, and now it’s time to be a bit more realistic and face a few facts we may not want to. If we’ve procrastinated, time to get on track. Be firm with yourself and others, but leave room for forgiveness. You might need to set or respect a few new boundaries in order to be more productive later this year in November when things get moving again. Contact me for a private consultation to learn what area of your life these retrogrades will be working on!

The Summer Solstice happens on June 21! Cancer season is here. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac ruled by the moon. It represents home, family and ancestral roots. Cancer is also the sign of the crab. They love to be cozy and sometimes crabby in their protective shells. It is a water sign and extremely emotional. The summer is a time of family reunions, vacations and gatherings. Think a home cooked meal served in the back yard with Mom, Dad, apple pie and lots of vanilla ice cream! Grab your tribe and enjoy the rest of the summer season.

On the 21st the Sun moves into a challenging position with Saturn and Chiron. This might signal that the next few months could leave us feeling some restrictions and at the same time giving us an urge to fight the status quo. The Capricorn full moon happens shortly after the solstice with the moon in Capricorn opposing the Sun in Cancer on June 27th. This full moon can be a sobering one. The planet of responsibility is asking us to assess ours, and find out where we may have been neglecting things or on the flip side, where we have taken on too much at the expense of our own needs.

The Capricorn/Cancer axis is all about our home, family, nurturing vs. our work, and place in the world. Where we give and take. Set boundaries, re-asses, step away from any drama and put your attention towards inner reflection at this time. Look to lovely Mercury in Cancer and the North Node in Leo for answers and supportive energy. Speak your truth with love and vulnerability be compassionate for yourself and others rather than being aggressive in order to protect your ego. Time to restructure some area of your life. Something to ask yourself is…Are you putting so much energy toward taking care of others that your neglecting yourself? Or are you so focused on self, work, career, and public opinion that you are forgetting those closest to you? This is a good time to work on finding a balance with nurturing self and others.

Mars joins the party of retrograde planets on June 26th. Mars rules how we take action on things, it is known as the warrior planet. Mars leads us into action, and sometimes war! When it turns around through August 27th we might slow down a project, contract or major life change. If you meet a new guy and he’s pushing too fast, pump the brakes! I find that men are more affected by this one than women, and sometimes they tend to change their minds when the dust settles. What’s the rush? Get to know him before saying yes!

Another retrograde for the summer is Chiron, who turns around on July 4th. Happy Birthday America!! While you are celebrating with hotdogs and corn on the cob, you might start to feel the power of this asteroid. It might not be a planet, but is an important player in the sky. Chiron shows us our wounds and helps learn to heal them through helping others. On the 4th we begin a journey back over some old wounds in hopes of healing them once and for all! We may be reminded of celebrations past, and what went wrong, or what needs to change in order to come together. If someone calls you to apologize, take the call and hear them out– we are all wounded somewhere. Now is a great time to change your approach. Even if it’s just a bandaid on a recently skinned knee, you need to take care of it eventually.

Good news! Jupiter the jolly giant, and planet of good fortune and abundance turns direct July 10th! Woo hoo! Jupiter rules Sagittarians and is now traveling in the sign of Scorpio. So our Sadge and Scorpio friends will be feeling better. Optimism returns for all slowly over the next few months, and faster once Mars gets going again at the end of August. Anything you stopped or slowed down the Scorpio ruled parts of your life (Call me…I’ll let you know where it is for each of you and how to best work with it!) begins to move again.

The final retrograde is here…sorry but it’s that time again. Backup your computers, put off signing contracts and major technology purchases..Mercury is going retrograde on July 25th in the sign of Leo. Use the bold, dramatic, creative Leo energy to creatively rethink your plans with drama and pizzaz! If you’re going to redo something, redo it with style! Just remember whatever you begin during the next three weeks will be revised, changed or even maybe even cancelled. Check everything three times, and maybe a fourth. Go back over old projects and get them finished up. Maybe revisit an old story you were working on. The words to remember for Mercury retrograde are…rework, redo,!! Good luck!

On a final note, we do have eclipse season starting on July 12th and ending in August. Eclipses bringing about major changes in our lives, and this set of three eclipses will prove to be powerful times that move us forward in an accelerated way. The first of the three, is a solar eclipse in the sign of Cancer opposite the powerhouse planet Pluto. These eclipses start out with some sort of crisis. It could be our ego, an event or even a relationship. Where they fall in your individual horoscope will determine which area or issue will be affected. Now because Pluto is there, this may be a triangular relationship, manipulation, a powerplay or even a destructive habit that needs to be addressed. If you’ve been doing your work, you’ll be rewarded. If you have been resisting a change for your greater good, you will be forced to make it. I always say that if you don’t do the planets they do you. In other words, make the change yourself, before the full moon at the end of the month, and you will be in better shape than if you wait for it all to blow up in August.

This is a summer of fun and challenges. Take the beginning of the summer to go off and play, when you get back take a good look at where you’ve been and where you want to go, by the end of July you will know what it is you need to do. Be brave, make the change, and by the time the planets get moving again so will you, stronger, tanner, maybe a few pounds heavier ; ) – but definitely wiser!

Enjoy your summer with family, friends and fun. Life is short, live, laugh and most of all LOVE. See you in August. Ciao!

xoxo MoMo

Maureen is an Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer, which means she uses her natural intuitive gifts and birth date to uncover your soul’s path. She takes great joy in providing counseling and guidance and uplifting those around her using the planets as her guide. In addition to providing Astrological readings, Maureen hosts tea ceremonies, published a chapbook of poetry, Belfast Ringing, and is working on her first novel.

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