My Skincare Routine

Anyone who knows me well will tell you how much I dislike showering. No, seriously. I feel the same way about showering that a two year old feels about the phrase, “Time for bed.” Despite the warm wonderful glory that I experience when the time has come and Rob has forced a shower upon me, I take issue with the time it takes, the grooming that’s required post-shower, and the feeling of being cold and wet as soon as I exit the shower. But even with my complete disregard for personal hygiene on a large scale, I still manage to care for my facial region quite well 😉

My sister and I were raised by an aesthetician which means that skincare was bred into us. I fondly remember the days when my mom would run the sink water while she woke us up so that it was warm and ready for our morning routines. Now I have to wake myself up and then wait for the water to heat up. First world problems. When Rob joined our family 10 years ago he was initiated into the skincare cult which only demanded a small sacrifice – we went pretty easy on the guy. Really, I gave him a facial, determined his skin type (combination… poor guy), and came up with a diagnostic regimen for him. I know, I know, I’m pretty much a saint.

So what does this skincare routine look like today? I’ve recently become unhealthily obsessed with the Glossier brand which is a company focused on the health of your skin first and makeup second, and BONUS, it’s cruelty free! I love reading blogs and I always look into the products that the bloggers I follow use and endorse. But what I find more often than not is that the price point is RIDICULOUS. I have a mortgage, an ever growing shoe collection, three dogs, an addiction to extravagantly themed party hosting, and insanely high health insurance premiums to pay for. I can’t (reasonably) afford to spend a ton of money on skincare. So when I found Glossier (thanks, Instagram ads!) I was pleasantly surprised to see that the price point was within my comfort range and I LOVED the products. I do everything to excess so these products are pretty much like Pokemon to me now, cause you know, “Gotta catch ’em all!”

Okay so what’s the actual routine?

1)I cleanse my face with Milky Jelly Cleanser

2)I apply (and rinse off) a face mask twice a week – either the Moisturizing Moon Mask or the Mega Green Galaxy Pack

3)I exfoliate using the Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector

4)I dab a serum into my skin depending on it’s current condition – Super Bounce, Super Pure, or Super Glow

I always look up at the sky in a moment of pure joy and wonder when I apply my serums 😉

5)I moisturize based on what level I need with either Priming Moisturizer or Priming Moisturizer Rich

6)I finish off with the refreshing glow-getter Rosewater Face Spray

And that’s it! 6 steps can seem like a lot but two of those steps I only incorporate twice a week. The whole process is really done in 5 minutes flat when it’s not a mask night. Rob even uses some of these when I gently and lovingly remind him to (because I’m super gentle and loving). This skincare line is all about having healthy and GLOWING skin. I also have nearly the entire collection of makeup and body products but that’s a different saga that I’ll save for another day. Until then, shine on!

Mirror spots are coming back into vogue I heard.

xoxo Ariel & Rob

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