May Monthly Tea with Maureen

Happy Birthday Taurus! This month the Sun moves into the stubborn and determined sign of Taurus the Bull, the second sign of the zodiac ruled by the planet Venus, responsible for our ability to love, indulge and connect. It is an earthy sign, whose hooves are heavy and dug deeply into the ground, but if you have a closer look at them you might see that those hooves are perfectly polished in pink! Think about the Tauruses in your life. They love to graze and indulge in all life’s sensory pleasures without interference. If you do interrupt their routine or dare I say it, try to change something, it’s like putting a red cape in front of a bull… better be prepared to get out of the way! They are slow to change and just as slow at forgiveness. Anyone who has ever been tangled with an unhappy Taurus knows what I’m talking about. My advice is to focus on the creature comforts around you this month and avoid all the red capes you can! I promised in my last post that there was some crazy stuff coming in the weeks ahead, and I wasn’t kidding. Here goes!

With Mercury finally moving direct after a VERY stressful retrograde phase (I’m speaking from experience on this one) I, like many of my friends and clients experienced the intensity of the Arian rage and confusion and am quite happy to say goodbye to it all for now. If you made any decisions or signed any contracts during the retrograde period, you may find those being reversed or changed now, but things will settle down once we get past the first week of May. If you did swipe right and now wonder if it’s just all wrong, it might be time to say goodbye. You gave it a try and there’s better energy for love coming at the end of the month, so hang in there and keep your chin up! The weather is great so enjoy an al fresco dinner with friends, and keep looking! All the delays and reversals of the past month were really the Universe giving some tough lessons in order to help us figure out what we really want, and how to better communicate it. The kinks you worked out last month will put you on more solid ground this month for all the changes and challenges coming your way! When you know better, you do better. Hopefully we now know a little better.

An amazing Taurean celebration of music, food and fun happens on May 5th, Happy Cinco de Mayo!! Eat lots of tacos and drink a few prickly pear margaritas (I know I will). The Sun in Taurus makes a wonderful aspect to Neptune the planet of illusion and gives a dreamy feeling to the day. You won’t even remember the calories so enjoy the mariachi music and dance! The next two weeks are not light and festive so even if you don’t like Mexican food, get out and enjoy!

Mid month, from May 10 through May 20th we have extremely difficult energy to move through. There is a greater chance for arguments, accidents and natural disasters at this time. Capricorns, Libras, Cancers and Aries are most affected by this energy. Use caution when driving or doing any physical activity. The energy is wild and unpredictable and could become violent. If you find yourself in a situation that could become explosive, get out. This is not the week to take unnecessary risks. Take the long route to work, drive a bit slower and remember to be extra vigilant and cautious. There could be news of world events or disasters at this time. Remember the red capes and horns…get out of the way. This is not the time to negotiate or compromise, no one will be in the mood, and arguments escalate quickly. Be like the Bull and lay low, tend to your own garden and eat bon bons, move slowly, take your time and don’t charge.

At the peak of the intense energy we celebrate Mother’s Day on Sunday the 13th. The moon is in fiery Aries adding to the intensity in the sky. If you can, make your brunch with Mom a dinner instead. The moon moves from Aries to Taurus in the afternoon and lightens it up just a bit. Let everyone sleep in and don’t make too many demands. Let Mom decide what she wants and honor it. Take extra care when driving, and consider making a home cooked meal instead of going out.  Please be careful with sharp knives in the kitchen, and snuff out the candles before bed! We can honor our Mothers whether they are with us or not. Maybe you can bake the cake she loved, or put peonies out because they were her favorite flower. I’m going to make my Mother’s home fries and imagine her cooking them for me. They never taste as good as hers, but when I make them I remember all the times she made my life that much better, and with each bite I taste the love she put into everything she did. I believe we are surrounded by the energy of those we love, and even when they pass the connection moves beyond the confines of time and space. Happy Mother’s Day!

On the 15th we have the new moon in Taurus. New moons are beginnings and a great time for setting goals for the month ahead. There is a glimmer of hope in the middle of the difficult energy with this new moon when Jupiter and Neptune, two loving planets make a divine connection. They are both in water signs and when we put water to earth, things grow! Make a new moon wish list and focus on hope, compassion and forgiveness and use it as a guide for the next month of growth in your world. Shake out those pockets, maybe you can find a few extra coins to donate to a cause close to your heart. Grow something important to you something that has value and represents who you are and what you want to accomplish. Engage in a new moon ceremony (Contact me if you would like to learn more) Focus your intentions on the greater good. Take a yoga class, meditate and of course drink a calming cup of tea, throw in a scone or three for good measure – it’s a Taurus new moon after all!

If all this weren’t enough, I’m finally getting to the BIG news! On May 15th Uranus the planet of revolution enters Taurus after seven years in Aries. Taurus the Bull rules the stock market, financial institutions, currency, and banking. Mark your calendars May 2018 will be remembered as the beginning of the financial revolution! Uranus will move slowly through the sign of Taurus and methodically go about the business of changing all that we know to be true in the Taurus area of our lives. If you are a Taurus Sun sign, change is coming in a big way for you. This will affect all of us both personally and globally.  A Bull in a china shop comes to mind with this one. The china is the financial industry and we the people – the Bulls. You can see where this is headed!

(If you want to learn about where the revolution is taking place in your life contact me for a consultation.)

Put a big Cosmic Tea star next to the 25th if you want to take a romantic getaway with the one you love or go on a first date! A rare alignment in the sky brings large doses of romance to us down here on Earth. Pisces and Scorpios will really feel the love, but everyone will have this yummy pixie dust flying around. Even if you aren’t interested in a romantic partner, the energy is creative so use it to finish that novel you’ve been working on, maybe a quick a trip to the salon for a new look, or plant your  garden.  It’s all happening at the start of Memorial Day weekend so get away, or stay home and enjoy! It will happen again in August so if you have to work that weekend — you’ll have one more chance later this summer!

Finally we end the month with a full moon on the 29th in Sagittarius offering us each an opportunity for illumination around big dreams, spirituality and adventure. A lot of focus this month has been on the practical earthly paths we’ve chosen. There is potential for amazing transformation ahead, but sometimes the path is not easy and this month we learn that lesson the hard way. Keep your head about you mid month and remember to look up every now and again, focus on lifting the energy and your life to a higher vibration. Plant your garden and tend to it. Where there is life there is change, and that means everyone! Even you, Taurus 😉

xoxo MoMo

Maureen is an Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer, which means she uses her natural intuitive gifts and birth date to uncover your soul’s path. She takes great joy in providing counseling and guidance and uplifting those around her using the planets as her guide. In addition to providing Astrological readings, Maureen hosts tea ceremonies, published a chapbook of poetry, Belfast Ringing, and is working on her first novel.

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