March Monthly Tea with Maureen

Rob and I are so excited to welcome Maureen McStocker, our first collaborator! We met Maureen at a psychic fair (something we’ve never gone to before but there were some big life changes happening for friends and family and we thought it would be fun to see what was in store) and I instantly connected with her. Maureen is an Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer and she is AMAZING. She is a truly kind, genuine, and caring person and she radiates with joy. In fact, she is the one who inspired us to take the plunge on this whole blogging adventure! I have always had a love for astrology (I read one of the original copies of “Linda Goodman’s Love Signs” cover to cover when I was about 12 years old – and that is not a short book and not necessarily 12 year old appropriate content but I was HOOKED) and Maureen helps guide even those who aren’t familiar or non-believers with a sense of humor and passion that is infectious. She will be writing a monthly horoscope to help us all navigate the chaos of life just a bit easier…


March Monthly Tea

This month starts off with a bang—or rather, a splash. The very first full moon of the month happens March 1st! Hanging out next to the Sun in Pisces are Venus, Neptune and Mercury. That part of the sky is loaded with Piscean energy. What does that mean for us down here on Earth? Well…Pisces is a romantic, dreamy sign ruled by the planet Neptune, God of the sea. It is the deep mystic swimming in the cosmic ocean, full of feeling and emotion, but on a bad day can swim too deep in the compassionate waters and land on the beach wearing a floppy hat and a huge pair of rose colored glasses! They may look great but every once in while, we need to see issues and people in our lives for what they are, not what we’d like them to be. The full moon in practical earth Virgo will bring any issues that needs to be seen to light—knocking off the glasses and replacing them with much needed clear-eyed order and discipline. The full moon Virgo energy is also a great time to begin a new health regimen, get to the gym and maybe start a detox or cleanse from any unhealthy habits left over from last month, including unhealthy relationships!

Next up on the 8th, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, currently moving through Scorpio, goes retrograde. Jupiter expands anything it touches and is the planetary ruler for the ever-gregarious explorer Sagittarius. It governs our philosophies and morals as well as education, abundance and spirituality. Think of the absent minded professors and gypsy travelers in your life. The next few months are a great time to revisit your own values, go back over something you may have missed, maybe even start a meditation class or learn that foreign language you’ve been dreaming of. Even have your own personalized Astrology reading so you’re ready for the major shifts coming up this summer! (Haha Mo, get on with it!) Anyway, we all get a break from the fast-paced expansion of the past few months, where Scorpio has been digging away at the intimate parts of your life and expanding your ideas and beliefs of who you are and what really matters. Getting in touch with what you value will help you be successful when launching any new projects in July, when we reboot and go for it once again this time armed with our principals surrounded by our tribe.

On the 22nd, Mercury, the planet of communication goes retrograde for three weeks. The dreaded Mercury retrograde, the trickster of the zodiac messes with communications. The thing to remember is this happens three times per year for about three weeks, so we all get used to it. Fear not! It isn’t the end of the world, just more “re” energy. Don’t put your life on hold, just check everything twice and when someone tells you something, repeat it back and confirm you really understood it. Revise, redo, renovate…all great ways to take advantage of the energy. Get a jump-start on those taxes! Go look for your receipts and email documents to your accountant before the 22nd in order to avoid miscommunications and lost information. Hold off on buying any new computers, technology and vehicles until Mercury moves forward on April 15th.  If you’re into online dating, swipe right, but remember you may change your mind about your new love once Mercury turns around in April. For those in relationships already, Mercury and Venus connect during this retrograde period so past issues might resurface for one final cleansing. Old loves may come back, and if they do, hear them out! Just don’t make any decisions about getting back together till mid-April.

March is really shaping up to be a month of realignment. All the retrograde energy in the sky gives us a chance down here on Earth to take a breath. March is the time to put your feet up on the coffee table, take stock of all around you and exhale. After last month’s intense eclipses, the retrograde energy gives us a chance to go within and process all that’s happened. This month, decide what works and what doesn’t. Take stock of your life and find out what is of real value. When Aries the ram roars in next month, you’ll be ready. You may even get your refund check and be ready to head out the door, and to do it all again!

xoxo MoMo

Maureen McStocker (MoMo), Cosmic Tea Astrology

Maureen is an Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer, which means she uses her natural intuitive gifts and birth date to uncover your soul’s path. She takes great joy in providing counseling and guidance and uplifting those around her using the planets as her guide. In addition to providing Astrological readings, Maureen hosts tea ceremonies, published a chapbook of poetry, Belfast Ringing, and is working on her first novel.

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