Let Them Eat Cake – A Marie Antoinette Themed Party

All of my party dreams came true for my 28th birthday when we hosted a Marie Antoinette bash. We turned back the clocks to 1768 and partied like we just might lose our heads πŸ˜‰ I have been dying to spend a evening themed in this era ever since seeing Sofia Coppola’s visually masterful take on the ill-fated queen in 2006. That’s twelve years of making this come to fruition, guys. DEDICATION. That Marie Antoinette film isΒ dripping with delicious costumes, soundtrack, and sets. Who doesn’t want to spend even an hour of guilty pleasure immersed in glamour, gluttony, and gambling?

So how does one throw a themed party in such a specific time period? I knew that the most important piece of the party to me were the costumes. I started by sending theme pictures to my invitees and offered assistance in creating their looks. This is a dedication of time that not every host may want to commit to but I knew that I wanted all of my friends to look and feel their best. And let’s be honest, requesting that everyone dress in 18th century garb is prettyyy high maintenance. I ended up making five skirts in total and embellishing shoes, petticoats, stockings, and corsets. All in all it was about a week of work spending a few hours each day to complete the looks (which ain’t bad considering they looked like A MILLION BUCKS!)

The outfits are actually pretty simple to achieve using these ingredients – a corset of your choice (pastels are preferred to emulate the aesthetic from the film), a short petticoat, thigh high stockings, and satin heels. To make the skirts you can go to your local wholesale fabric store and choose a base and a sheer fabric for the bulk of the skirt. Then you can top the skirt off by attaching a ribbon of choice as a way to tie it in the back (this makes it easier so you don’t need perfect measurements). Once you have all of your pieces in one place, you can go hog wild embellishing them to your wildest dreams. This is one of the few occasions where more is more. Truly, no matter how much I hot glued to each of these items, the more I wanted to add.

For the guys it’s actually really easy get the look. All you need is a vest, long sleeved button up shirt, a bib and ruffle sleeve add-ons, rolled up pants, stockings, dress shoes et voila! Then you can add the wonderful touch of giving everyone’s hair a grayish white effect using temporary colored pomades and spray paints. I cannot say enough how OBSESSED I was with how good everyone looked. It absolutely made my night to see all of my friends committing to their costumes and having a great time in them.

For decor I basically just allowed pastels and florals to throw up all over my dining room πŸ™‚ Which worked so well with our crazy peachy pink wall color that I wish I could say that I specifically had this party in mind when we chose the paint four years ago. Assorted paper fans, colored ribbons,Β  DIY spray painted poker chips, traditional playing cards, a macaroon tree, champagne glass towers, frosting dipped Oreos, and a birthday banner (that I bought and hung for myself – Rob still can’t get over the humor in that), and the party was complete. Oh, and playing the film’s soundtrack on repeat for four hours straight!

Guys, this was my favorite themed party that I’ve ever thrown – and anyone who knows me knows how much I love a good theme! I. Am. Just. Still. So. Obsessed. With. The. Outcome. Thank you so much to all of my friends who came and celebrated with me. Thank you to one of my best girlfriends, Michelle, for helping me execute my vision. Thank you to my most favorite sister ever, Sierra, for helping me get all of my decorations ready and curbing my spending at Michaels πŸ˜‰ Thank you to Sarah and Alyssa for letting me dress you like the beautiful dolls that you are. Thank you to Rob for enduring my ceaseless appetite for over the top parties and living in a house decorated in that theme for weeks before and after (I had to finally put away my family of disco balls from New Years to host Marie Antoinette and now I still have my “Happy Birthday” banner and paper fans going strong three weeks later). Cheers to another year filled with friendship and family. Now excuse me while I go plan my next 48 themed parties.

xoxo Ariel & Rob

Get the look:

Men’s Vest // Men’s Bib & Ruffled Wrist Cuffs // White Hair Spray // Paper Fans // Women’s Petticoat // Let Them Eat Cake Sign // Women’s Stockings // Women’s Corset // Women’s Heels //

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