About Us

Hi everyone! Welcome to our brand new fresh out of the womb slap on the butt screaming blog 🙂 We are a married couple who are passionate about our dogs.

Just kidding!

Well not really about the dogs… the obsession is real, BUT we won’t torture you with intricacies of our love for those three beautiful four legged children. We are really passionate about our home, our city, travel, and style. Both born and raised in Phoenix, AZ we are truly proud to see how much our city has blossomed and we are still only at the threshold of all that’s still yet to come. In fact we love our city so much we took a risk on an up and coming historic neighborhood about 5 years ago and it’s the best decision/investment we’ve ever made. We live in a beautiful green (painted) brick home built in 1939 that sits in an amazing community of art and design lovers who are all committed to preserving and enhancing the neighborhood. And as much as we love our home we are currently in the throws of a serious travel bug. In fact, we may have to start classifying it as a full blown lifestyle since we’ve hit our three year anniversary of this “bug” and have no intention of slowing down. Last but not least, we love to enjoy the beauty of the world together. Meaning we are really shallow and we like all things to be beautiful 😉 Really though, home décor and styling, design, and fashion have always been very present in our union.

Well without further ado let’s get this party started! Please enjoy, comment, give feedback, and most importantly get inspired.

xoxo Ariel & Rob

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