August Monthly Tea with Maureen

Happy Leo Season, my absolute favorite time of year!! My beautiful daughter was born in August, making it forever my favorite! Happy Birthday my love!!

Leo is ruled by the Sun and its symbol is the Lion — the big cat, the King (or Queen) of the jungle. They are the leaders of the pride — loyal, protective, proud, dramatic and dazzling. Leo is the sign of nobility and for anyone interested, our new American Princess, Meghan Markle is a Leo. She was born to be a Princess! When the Sun is in Leo we are all a little extra proud and sparkly. This month is all about reclaiming that sparkle.

We begin the month a bit retrograde crazy with Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto– five, count them, five (!!) planets all going back over the past and issues in our lives in order to help us clear the way for a new path. Before we move ahead, there is one more turning around this month! Uranus, the planet of change will go back on August 7th after spending just a few months in its new sign of Taurus. Uranus makes aspects to the love and money planets, so it’s time to be flexible when it comes to finding solutions to any relationships and finance issues that may be dogging you! Uranus asks us to think outside the box now more than ever.  (Contact me for a reading to find out what this means for you!) All of the retrograde energy this month helps you to pick up those personal treasures that might be buried. August is all about going back over the parts of yourself you might have forgotten in order to reconnect with your inner Prince or Princess, and get your sparkle back once and for all. Go get that crown and wear it proud!

The summer eclipse season reaches its culmination in a dramatic fashion on August 11th  with the new moon eclipse. A solar eclipse is a super charged new moon. New moons are a great time to plant seeds and begin new projects. With the eclipse, the moon comes between the Sun and Earth, temporarily blocking the flow of energy – this pause precedes a giant cosmic reboot. When the lights come back on everything that must change, will, at warp speed! With the Sun in Leo joining the moon and Mercury and North Node of destiny there, we might have a few dramatic words, revelations or communications. Remember Mercury is still moving backwards and the eclipse might just clear up any miscommunications, mechanical breakdowns and general frustrations you experienced over the summer once and for all! If you signed a contract, started a new job, began a relationship or project during this Mercury retrograde, now is the time to set the record straight, make the necessary changes or even end something. Remember: anything that leaves during an eclipse is meant to, and for your greater good. Leo rules the part of our lives where we are meant to have fun, be creative and express ourselves. This eclipse is asking you to figure out where you may not be honoring your Leo sparkle and get back to being YOU! No more feeling guilty about who you are and what makes you happy. Go be happy!

Jupiter and Neptune have been in a wonderful dance and on the 19th they give us all a sparkly boost of magic and compassion. Use this energy to reach out to those you may have forgotten or even to connect with your own deep soul work. This is a great time to take a yoga class, meditation course or attend an Astrology lecture, anything that helps you to connect with your spirituality. Have you ever noticed when you are happy and engaging in things you love to do, you are more likely to share your time and energy with others?  The universe is supporting you in all you do, take your gifts and share them. Be the generous and benevolent Leo King or Queen. The more you give, the more you will get back in return. I promise! Get back to the things that made you happy as a child – whether it’s dancing, riding horses, making mud pies. Your inner child has been begging to come out and play over the past 18 months as the nodes moved across the Leo/Aquarius axis. Take time this month to figure out what really matters to you and share your sparkle!

Also on the 19th, Mercury goes direct! You can now go shopping for that new iPhone 10, new car, and move ahead with your new home purchase – wait is that just my wish list?? If you’ve been holding off on signing a major deal or contract, now is the time to move ahead at last! In just a few days on the 27th, Mars will begin to move forward too! All the frustration and hard work over the summer begins to fade as we move toward what we love with greater energy and enthusiasm. As I may have mentioned in my previous Tea, I find that Mars has more of an impact on the male energy in our lives, so if you began dating someone over the summer while Mars was retrograde, the true test is coming up. If he’s still around by Labor day, it’s a great sign. If not, remember this month is all about the “re” words.. rework, redo, reclaim. Lots of old flames came back for a visit to remind you who you are and more importantly who you are not. Mars retrograde was a frustrating time for all of us and any issues that may have gotten your knickers in a twist from this spring might be back up for review. Give yourself permission to release and let go, and you’ll be ready for a re-birth.

Finally, we have the full moon in Pisces on the 26th. This full moon is highly charged, and adding to the intensity is the challenging energy between Venus the planet of love, and Pluto the lord of the underworld. Pisces is a water sign and deeply emotional, so issues come up about love, power and secrets. It’s an interesting ending to a powerful month full of fire and passion. The Pisces moon is a psychic moon, so watch your dreams and any messages you may get.  Full moons are times of illumination and this full moon will show us where our priorities might need some fine tuning. It’s all about cosmic clearing and polishing.

August is a powerful month. All the retrograde energy gives us a chance to go back over important areas of lives, while the eclipse energy propels us forward at warp speed. If you think about a giant slingshot, pulling back with lots of tension in order to shoot something far in the air – that’s it! There is a lot of change this month and with that understandably, there can be uneasiness. Take extra care and time for yourself, to do the things you love and reconnect with who you are and what your true path is. This is your life, no matter what chapter you’re in now, the ending has not been written. You are the King or Queen of your life story– be brave. It’s time to listen to your heart, take the lead of your life and follow your passion. Happy Sparkling!

xoxo MoMo

Maureen is an Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer, which means she uses her natural intuitive gifts and birth date to uncover your soul’s path. She takes great joy in providing counseling and guidance and uplifting those around her using the planets as her guide. In addition to providing Astrological readings, Maureen hosts tea ceremonies, published a chapbook of poetry, Belfast Ringing, and is working on her first novel.

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