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April Horoscope

Happy Spring! Happy Birthday Aries!

This month, the Sun moves into the brave and bold sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac ruled by the planet Mars, responsible for our ability to take action and move towards our goals. It is associated with the Ram, a brave animal who charges straight at its competitors. All of us, not just our Aries friends will start of this month a bit frustrated because on the 2nd, Mars will run right into the planet Saturn, stopping us in our tracks. We will feel more like thoroughbred racehorses at the gate than Rams during the first week of the month, but fear not!  This is just a temporary delay. The good news is that in addition to the frustration, Mars and Saturn joining together will also begin a new two year cycle for all of us. The brakes are the universe’s way of giving us extra time to be sure of our decisions before we charge ahead.  Mars has a retrograde cycle later this year, which will make this time important, especially for you, Aries! (Contact me for a personalized reading to learn where in your life your new cycle will begin.)

Last month, Mercury the planet of communication began its three week retrograde cycle. For us down here on planet Earth, it meant “re” doing lots of things…the frustration with computers, travel, car and mechanical issues continue to drive us crazy through the 15th. After that, it’s a big green light for all those papers waiting to be signed and electronics you waited to purchase. (Starting projects like that are best done once Mercury retrograde is over. Give it a few days after the 15th  to get going.) We also have an exciting new moon on that day. The Sun and Moon join together in fiery Aries and meet up with Uranus, the planet of change and revolution. This gives an electric charge to our creativity and a fresh perspective on how to get where we want to go.  If you are open and ready for just about anything, this new moon will be a pleasant one. This is also a great time to begin a new project or relationship as Venus, the planet of love in its sign Taurus makes a beautiful Earthy aspect to Mars. If that Tinder date you met last month is still looking good, they’re probably a keeper!

Just when we get Mercury moving forward, two outer planets change direction. Oh boy, I hear you all saying “Here we go again”. Yes it’s true, but the effects are not as immediate as the Mercury mess ups. These are felt more on an internal level. On the 17th, Saturn goes retrograde and on the 22nd, Pluto follows suit. Both planets are currently traveling through the sign Capricorn, related to our structures and relationships with authority.  With Saturn, the focus is all about reviewing your responsibilities. If you said yes when you should have said no, this is the time to rectify it. If you avoided facing responsibility head on like the Ram, now is the time it will come back up and you will get an opportunity to address it.

The third week of the month brings in great energy for business projects. Jupiter sends a cosmic kiss and expands good fortune, making it easier to cooperate and get the support of colleagues, and even your boss! If you’ve been wanting to present your business plan, a proposal, or reach out for funding, this would be the week. The 24th is a stand out day for sure!

If you’re planning a get away or just some fun after all the hard work this month, I’d do it before the 26th when things could get intense. If used properly it could be a powerful, sexy time. You might even move a few mountains, but if you pursue something at all costs and in a ruthless manner, you could run you straight into another pair of horns! I vote for taking the high road and channeling that intensity towards raising your own vibration and your pursuit of excellence.

Finally, we end the month with a full moon on the 29th. This moon will be in the sign of Scorpio opposing the Sun in Taurus. Full moons bring things to light and illuminate our lives. They tend to be emotionally charged and this one will bring out any issues about security and where we find it and feel safe. It will also be a sneak peek into next month, which will be a HUGE game changer. I can’t wait to bring you the tea for May. Stay tuned. In the meantime, use this month and the full moon to look at all of your foundations and structures, transform the parts of your life that are no longer working and shore up those that are.  Be like an Aries and boldly go where you need to knowing that in order to build a secure life, it must begin within. Use the powerful Ram energy to push through your fears and the chrysalis holding you back from your dreams and emerge like a magnificent butterfly ready to spread your wings, and FLY!

xoxo MoMo

Maureen is an Intuitive Evolutionary Astrologer, which means she uses her natural intuitive gifts and birth date to uncover your soul’s path. She takes great joy in providing counseling and guidance and uplifting those around her using the planets as her guide. In addition to providing Astrological readings, Maureen hosts tea ceremonies, published a chapbook of poetry, Belfast Ringing, and is working on her first novel.

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